Dan Darnell D.M.D.

I would like to whiten my teeth but had horrible sensitivity when I used a store-bought whitening product. Can I still whiten them without this pain?

Having a beautiful smile shouldn't be painful. For patients who want whitening treatments but who have found home treatments difficult on their sensitive mouths,  we offer Ultradent bleaching systems.

Designed specifically for sensitive teeth, these products contain desensitizing materials which help eliminate the discomfort that over-the-counter bleaching products can cause. The flouride gel provides long-lasting results and won't force you to sit in agony while they work.

When you come in for your oral evaluation, we will talk with you about any concerns you may have about your treatments.  

We understand that many people have anxiety about pain and discomfort during dental procedures.  We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make sure you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout your time in our office.

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